Traditionally-made stylised frames

We have been producing handmade 18th and 19th-century frames for several years now. 17th Century frames are also part of our range, including those in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. These traditionally-made stylised frames are made from various types of wood, such as pear, cherry, oak and rosewood. Wooden decorative protuberances in any desired shape can also be provided.

In modern framing, austere frames are usually used, executed in white gold. By putting a colour under the white gold, we can bring out the colours of the artwork in the frame, thus giving a beautiful matching result.

Veneering is the application of a very thin layer of wood on the frame of a painting. Veneer wood is not only the most beautiful wood, but because of the very thin cutting, it also takes the maximum amount of wood from every tree trunk. Veneer wood is available in many different types of wood, and each piece of veneer is unique in colour and pattern. We mostly use root veneer, because of its stunning patterns. The colour of the veneer can be changed by French-polishing and coating with a patina of different colours of varnish in order to give the frame a very striking and old finish.