Rediscovery of a museological collection

The ornament models, including the mother moulds, are all in excellent condition. The mother moulds, which are some centuries in age, are still razor-sharp. There are also many hand-carved and sulphur models. The collection originally came form the Van Poelgeest family in Amsterdam and from the Sala family in Leiden, and these models have been used for hundreds of years. Many famous paintings in museums and private collections all over the world are mounted in frames made with these moulds.

Various generations of Van Poelgeest designed many new models, sometimes for just a one-off design, sometimes also commissioned by artists and museums, including Constant, Willink, Sluyters and Toorop. Mention of a museological collection is therefore justified. The collection was purchased in order to preserve it for the future so that future picture framers would also be able to use these models. For us, it provides the opportunity to further extend and develop our range in all possible styles.